Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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RL Electric is a leading provider of rotating equipment services in the Lloydminster, known for our extensive and competitive comprehensive testing capabilities. We continually expand our testing portfolio to stay at the forefront of rotating equipment evaluation and diagnostics. These tests greatly enhance our predictive maintenance, repair, and overhaul services and are a key element of the excellence for which RL Electric is recognized and trusted.

Here is an overview of our testing offerings:

This analysis delves deeper than time domain vibration analysis to detect any abnormalities in rotating equipment. It helps identify minor issues well in advance, preventing equipment failures.

Although not as efficient as modern techniques, growler testing is still employed to identify shorted, grounded, or open wiring, as well as open rotor bars.

The surge comparison test is crucial for identifying insulation weaknesses in motor and generator windings that may not be detected by other tests like megger/megohm and hi-pot tests. It is particularly useful for turn-to-turn insulation testing and is often performed in conjunction with partial discharge tests.

Core loss testing is important because it ensures that a motor is capable of operating at rated efficiency, diagnoses repairable problems, and verifies that stripping did not damage the core.