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On-Site Services

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On-Site Services

Preventive Maintenance involves collecting data about your equipment to assess its operational status. This data empowers you to make informed judgments about whether the equipment requires maintenance or is functioning correctly.

Preventive Maintenance stands as a vital element within your operational procedures, ensuring the continuous operation of your facility and contributing to your financial success. Taking a proactive approach to maintenance can lead to cost savings by identifying equipment issues before they escalate into more expensive and potentially disastrous failures.

As a trusted rotating and static industrial resource partner we are happy to extend the following onsite services to our valued clients.

RL Electric, The Electro-Mechanical Division recognizes that our service support can significantly improve reliability and reduce downtime for your Electro-Mechanical needs. Our staff is recognized as leading authorities in Remanufacturing of both AC and DC motors. All equipment is repaired to original equipment manufacturers specifications and or authorized authority.

Predictive maintenance procedures are dependent on the use of vibration as the principal technology to evaluate machine condition. The procedures function in three stages: monitoring for change, fault diagnostics to determine what is wrong, and severity assessment to evaluate how good or bad it is. Routine measurement and trending of vibration on machine parts provide a simple way to screen for vibration changes and thus faults.

Poorly aligned shafts are responsible for many machine problems: Tests have shown that incorrect alignment is the cause for around 50% of machine breakdowns.

When misaligned, the loading of shafts dramatically increases due to the reaction forces created within the coupling. Poor Alignment means:

  • Premature bearing, seal, shaft and coupling failures.
  • High Bearing and coupling temperatures.
  • Excessive vibration.
  • Looseness of foundation bolts.
  • The breaking (or cracking) of shafts at, or close to the inboard.
  • High power consumption


The resulting downtime, production loss and repair result in high costs. Precise alignment of shafts not only saves money, but also pays in the long term with trouble-free machine operation.

The ability to detect and measure thermal energy emitted from an object is known as thermography. The tools of the trade are called infrared cameras, and they translate the invisible infrared spectrum into thermal images that we can see and track via thermography.

Many applications depend upon the precision and accuracy of the images and temperature readings from infrared thermography cameras. The images produced, clearly showing invisible infrared or “heat” radiation via thermography, aid in such diverse areas as medical and scientific research and development, building diagnostics and manufacturing product quality. Infrared thermography cameras are valuable diagnostic tools in many diverse applications, since nearly all equipment gets hotter before it fails. Infrared thermography continually emerges as industry continually strives to improve manufacturing efficiencies, better manage energy usage, improve product quality, and enhance worker safety.

With Electrical faults responsible for nearly 50% of all motor failures, taking a proactive approach to these problems becomes a necessity. Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE) is a predictive maintenance technology which provides comprehensive, portable motor testing.

The MCE Max tester allow you to test deenergized and energized electric motors, large or small, AC or DC, and determine the condition of the motor and its associated power circuit in a short period of time. The data is immediately stored for trending, comparison, and report generating.

The MCE tester allows you to perform condition-based maintenance rather than time-based maintenance. This prevents costly motor failures and unnecessary maintenance.

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