Rewinding Repair

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Rewinding Repair

Motor Rewinding Services

RL Electric’s origins trace back to 1995, when it commenced operations as a motor and generator repair center. Consequently, motor rewinding is deeply ingrained within our company’s identity. Our in-shop capabilities for rewinding encompass a comprehensive range, including but not limited to:

  • AC and DC Motor Rewinding: We possess expertise in rewinding AC and DC motors, regardless of their make, whether they are standard models or custom-built configurations.
  • Comprehensive Range: Our rewinding and testing proficiency extend across small, medium, and large motors, addressing a diverse spectrum of motor sizes.
  • Wide Power Range: We specialize in rewinding motors spanning from fractional horsepower to substantial power levels of 2,500 HP/2 MW.
  • Voltage Variability: Our capabilities span the rewinding of motors that operate across low voltage up to 4 kV.
  • Expertise in Ex Motors: We possess the competence to undertake rewinding tasks for Ex Motors, which adhere to specific explosion-proof standards.

Our motor rewinding process is further elevated by a robust testing regimen, ensuring that the rewound motor not only performs exceptionally but potentially surpasses its previous operational efficiency. We possess the capacity to reverse-engineer winding patterns and even optimize them to align with current operational demands, whether for outdated models or custom-built motors. Additionally, we offer diverse insulation solutions for the newly rewound motors.

Choosing a premium rotating equipment service provider like RL Electric for your motor rewinding needs carries several advantages, even if you have internal rewinding facilities:

  • Adherence to Best Practices: Our certified technicians and engineers meticulously adhere to industry best practices throughout the motor rewinding process. From the precise removal of old windings to the application of insulation, each step is executed to the highest standard, ensuring outcomes that exceed expectations.
  • Performance Enhancements: Employing top-tier winding techniques, insulation materials, and innovative processes like vacuum impregnation can elevate the baseline performance, efficiency, longevity, and electrical and mechanical configuration of older motors.
  • Holistic Services: Motor rewinding is just one facet of our broad expertise. We can address a more expansive scope of motor repair, encompassing core testing and repair as well.
  • Expedited Turnaround: As an alternative to OEM solutions, we provide more than just “as-new” rewinding. We also offer expedited turnaround times, minimizing operational downtime stemming from motor unavailability.

Through our proficient motor rewinding services, we strive to maximize the operational life and efficiency of motors, contributing to the sustained success of your equipment and operations.

We provide rewinding services for generators of various makes and sizes. Our expertise covers smaller units as well as generators up to 2 MW. Our generator rewinding services incorporate the same exceptional qualities that distinguish our motor rewinding services from competitors. Additionally, we offer comprehensive testing services for generators, including:

  • AC & DC Drop Test
  • Megger, DA & PI Testing
  • Surge Comparison Testing

These testing procedures enable us to provide clients with a comprehensive performance report post-rewinding, including a thorough evaluation of the core.