Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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As an independent rotating equipment service company in the region, RL Electric has been a trusted partner to the power generation industry for over three decades.

Motor and generator repairs, overhauling, and rewinding have been an RL Electric forte since its inception (1995). They cover a wide range, from small backup generators to larger units used in power generation facilities. RL Electric‘s certified technicians and engineers handle service, rewinding, certain manufacturing, and all repair needs for generators and other rotating equipment used. They offer a comprehensive range of services to power generation installations, including observing, analyzing, maintaining (preventive and predictive), repairing, and overhauling generators of most makes and models.

RL Electric is equipped to provide comprehensive services to renewable-based power generation facilities in the region. They operate in two main renewable energy domains:

  • Wind Energy: RL Electric offers in-shop mechanical and electrical repairs, insulation/winding services, and stator-coil winding manufacturing for wind turbines. They are expanding their field services to include on-site wind-turbine diagnostics and maintenance due to the unique maintenance needs of modern wind turbines exposed to elements and experiencing fluctuations in rotating speeds.