Your Trusted Partner Since 1995

Rotating Equipment Services

From small critical motors with fractional HP up to 2 MW AC/DC Motors.

Workshop Repairs

Sophisticated examination, restoration, and rewinding services for AC and DC electric motors and generators of varying sizes, including small, large, and extra-large units.

Sales and Distribution

Obtain prompt access to appropriate replacements for low, medium, or high-voltage motors and generators when the need arises.

Mechanical Services

Extensive machining capacities available for the restoration of electric motors, generators, and mechanical parts.

On-Site Services

Preventive Maintenance involves collecting data about your equipment to assess its operational status.

Welcome to RL Electric

Your Trusted Partner in Motor, Pump, and Generator Repairs

For nearly three decades, R.L. Electric Motor Rewinding 1995 Ltd. (RL Electric) has stood as a beacon of excellence in the realm of motor, pump, and generator repairs.

Since its inception in 1995, this industry stalwart has carved a distinguished path, offering unparalleled expertise and a steadfast commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Housed within an expansive 18,000-square-foot service center, RL Electric has made it their mission to conquer nearly any challenge in their field, ensuring that their valued clients receive nothing short of top-tier service and unparalleled quality.


We have extensive experience servicing equipment from leading companies in these sectors.

RL Electric delivers state-of-the-art services and resolutions for a diverse range of rotating machinery across multiple industries.


Diagnostics, Repairs, Overhauls, Rewinds and more.

AC/DC Motors

Dependable refurbishments and rewinding services for electrical motors of all kinds, with a capacity of up to 4 KV.

AC/DC Generators

Services encompassing testing, overhauls, repairs, and rewinds tailored for generators with capacities of up to 2 MW.


Restoration and servicing of a wide array of centrifugal, rotary, and reciprocating pumps.

Ex Motors

A service facility certified by CSA, equipped to handle systems for explosive atmospheres as per CSA regulations.


Balancing and restoration services for blowers of various kinds, with diameters reaching up to 1,000 mm.


Transitioning from a single stage to multiple stages.

The primary quality objective of “RL Electric” is the ongoing enhancement of its processes and services, with the aim of offering the utmost valuable solutions in the realm of Rotating Equipment. This commitment not only ensures our clients’ competitive advantage but also underscores our dedication to constant improvement.


At RL Electric, we've cultivated franchised vendor alliances with the world's top manufacturers. These partnerships enable us to source critical products from these esteemed suppliers, transforming world-class solutions into a reality.