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Industrial Pumps

Since 1995, RL Electric has been a stalwart in fulfilling the rotating equipment requirements of diverse industries, including oil and gas, water and wastewater, power, and petrochemical sectors. Our extensive experience encompasses a profound understanding of fluid dynamics across various substances and the fluid mechanics unique to different industries. We possess the acumen to address both prevalent and intricate issues that can surface with pumps in these industrial domains.

Our service spectrum extends to both positive and non-positive displacement pumps. Within this domain, we specialize in three primary pump categories:

  • Capable of providing services for the entire range of standard and custom centrifugal pumps used in various industries.
  • Expertise in radial pumps (high pressure, low flow, diffuser style, single/multi-stage), axial pumps (constructed with different materials, considerations for media and wear), and mixed flow pumps (volute, guiding vane, vertical, submersible, etc.).
  • Experienced in handling repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of rotary pumps used in industries such as oil and gas and wastewater.
  • Expertise covers screw pumps (single screw/multiple screws), gear pumps (external/internal), lobe pumps (single, bi-wing, tri-wing, multi-lobe), and vane pumps (unbalanced, balanced, variable displacement).
  • Extensive experience in servicing reciprocating pumps widely used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Capable of providing complete repair and maintenance services for piston pumps (lift, force, axial), plunger pumps (from duplex to multiplex), and diaphragm pumps (mechanical/air operated).

RL Electric’s Pump Services:

RL Electric proudly presents an all-encompassing array of pump-related services tailored to meet the needs of clients spanning various major industries. Our comprehensive suite of offerings includes:

  • Offers on-site services for pump installation, removal, and commissioning.
  • Adheres to OEM guidelines or custom installations to meet specific site requirements.
  • Experienced in complex installations where access is a major concern.
  • Provides comprehensive on-site and off-site inspection services for pumps.
  • Capable of conducting vibration analysis, thermographic surveys, alignment tests, and electrical tests to assess pump health and identify potential issues.
  • Offers preventive and predictive maintenance for industrial pumps in various industries.
  • Adheres to best practices and recommended maintenance schedules to ensure optimal pump performance.
  • Can provide emergency maintenance during unplanned shutdowns.
  • Provides complete mechanical repairs for pumps, including core components such as impellers, casings, seals, and bearings.
  • Capable of overhauling pumps to restore original performance or improve upon it.
  • Strives to achieve or improve original OEM specifications in all repairs.
  • Capable of reverse engineering and remanufacturing pumps without original design documents.
  • Offers fabrication services for parts that are no longer available or costly to obtain.
  • Can remanufacture decommissioned pumps to extend their lifespan.