Pump, Gearboxes & Fans Repair

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Pump, Gearboxes & Fans Repair

We have extensive experience in pump repair, with over three decades of expertise. Our goal is to understand the root cause of the failure to prevent or delay future repairs. We can also modify or upgrade pumps to meet new control or efficiency requirements or accommodate operational changes.

  • Thorough inspection to assess damage and determine the optimal repair approach.
  • Repair services for various industrial pumps, including centrifugal (inline, multi-stage, radial) and diaphragm pumps.
  • Repair services for pumps handling different fluids such as water, oil, chemicals, and sewage.
  • In-house reverse engineering of the entire pump or specific parts for machining.
  • Mechanical seal repair or replacement as required.
  • Comprehensive testing and inspection after repair with detailed report generation.
  • Retrofitting and modification to meet new requirements.
  • Complete pump overhauling.
  • Gearbox failures can cause costly operational breaks, making repair a practical solution.
  • Challenges like discontinued OEM models or extended waiting periods may hinder gearbox replacement.
  • The gearbox repair process involves thorough inspection, careful disassembly, and component cleaning.
  • Gears and mechanical parts are inspected and tested for damage, and serviceable components are identified.
  • Reverse engineer and fabricate unavailable gears/components when necessary.
  • A detailed report and quotes are provided to the client, including alternative strategies for better long-term results.
  • Upon client approval, the gearbox is repaired and tested for optimal performance.
  • Modifications are tested to ensure they meet the client’s requirements.
  • Ensures efficient gearbox repairs, minimizing operational disruptions and costs.
  • Complete mechanical repair services for industrial fans and blowers
  • Repair capabilities for housing, blades, shafts, and bearings
  • Testing for potential points of failure and preemptive repairs
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection to assess the repair process
  • Rapid turn-around time while maintaining premium repair quality
  • Preferred over the fan’s OEM due to efficient and reliable services