Spare Parts

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Spare Parts

RL Electric takes pride in maintaining an extensive stock of rotating equipment spare parts. This vast inventory allows us to offer rapid turnarounds to our clients, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient maintenance and repair processes. Our wide range of spare parts covers various OEMs, both international and regional.

We offer individual spare parts as well as spare part kits commonly used in the repair, maintenance, or overhaul of different types of rotating equipment. Our convenient location, mature supply chains, and diverse range of spare parts contribute to our ability to meet the needs of numerous industries.

  • Ball bearings, sleeve bearings, bearing assembly, bearing caps, and support
  • Shielded and sealed bearings
  • Rotors and stators
  • Brushes, springs, brush holders, and brush kits
  • Fans and fan covers (in various frame sizes)
  • Commutator and slip-ring assembly
  • Brake kits
  • Magnet assembly
  • Torque spring
  • Encoders (electromagnetic induction, magnetic, mechanical, optical)
  • Brush seals, shaft seals, bearing isolation
  • Armature, field coils, equalizer coils
  • Tachometers
  • Bearings and bearing kits
  • Main stator, stator bars, excitation stator, stator frame assembly
  • Main rotor, rotor coils, excitation stator, rotor shaft assembly
  • Heater kits
  • Stator slot wedges
  • Terminal brushings
  • Brushless exciter
  • Coolers
  • Balance of plant components
  • Coupling kit (gearbox to generator and others)
  • Bearings (single row, double row, cylindrical/spherical/taper rollers, sleeve, and pivoted shoe)
  • Impellers (open, closed, semi-open, vortex, cutter, etc.)
  • Propellers (vertical and angled)
  • Wearing rings
  • Pump and agitator shafts
  • Shaft seals (mechanical, double, tandem, etc.), bearing housing seals, plug-in seals, etc.

Please note that the examples provided are not exhaustive, and we offer a much wider range of spare parts. If you don’t see a specific part, you are looking for or have inquiries about a particular model, size, or SKU, our team is available to assist you.


RL Electric is continually expanding our inventory to include spares and replacement parts associated with the renewable energy industry. Furthermore, our redesigning, machining, and fabrication capabilities enable us to modify or produce a wider variety of spare parts, extending our range beyond our inventory we currently maintain. We are also experienced in assisting clients in finding spare and replacement parts for certain legacy rotating equipment, ensuring ongoing support for their operational needs.