AC/DC Motors

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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AC/DC Motors

RL Electric, as an independent rotating equipment service company in Canada, offers comprehensive services for AC/DC motors used in various industries. With over three decades of experience in AC/DC motor repair, we have evolved our capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our AC/DC motor services include:

  • All voltage ranges: We handle LV, MV, and HV motors, with a maximum voltage range of 4,160 V.
  • Power range: We can work on fractional power motors up to high-power motors with ratings of up to 2,500 HP (2 MW).
  • Standard and custom-made motors: We provide services for both standard motors and custom-made motors, with or without OEM support/designs.
  • Wide range of manufacturers: We have partnerships with reputable OEM motor manufacturers (TECO / Westinghouse, Us Electric, ABB Baldor, Marathon, Leeson, Ohio, NIDEC, TechTop, WEG, Fasco)
  • Our team of engineers and technicians is skilled in handling all types of AC motors. This includes synchronous and induction motors, both single-phase and three-phase motors, and different rotor designs such as phase-wound and squirrel cage. We are experienced in working with motors of different pole configurations. 

For DC motors, we have the expertise to handle different winding types (series, shunt, and compound), excitation configurations, and brushed and brushless DC motors of various sizes. We can address electrical and mechanical issues in DC motors, identify and rectify problems related to commutators, and provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services.

With RL Electric, you can trust that your AC/DC motors will receive expert attention and high-quality service to keep them operating at optimal performance levels.

AC/DC Motor Services:

  • Provide on-site installation of AC/DC motors according to OEM guidelines or customized installations based on specific site requirements.
  • Offer motor removal services for servicing, repair, rewinding, or overhauling, ensuring careful handling to prevent damage.
  • Experienced in complex removals and installations with limited access.
  • Conduct on-site and off-site inspections of motors, including vibration analysis, thermographic surveys, tan delta, partial discharge (PD) testing, alignment checks, and electrical tests such as hi-pot, surge, megger, voltage-drop, and core loss.
  • Accurately assess motor health and determine appropriate actions based on inspection results.
  • Provide preventive and predictive maintenance services for AC/DC motors across various industries.
  • Respond to emergency maintenance requests during unplanned shutdowns and recommend predictive maintenance based on comprehensive testing capabilities.
  • Adhere to best practices and ensure efficient turnaround times.
  • Perform complete mechanical repairs for AC/DC motors on-site or in the workshop.
  • Repair core components including stators, rotors/commutators, bearings (journal and housing), shafts, brake assemblies, and cooling fans.
  • Strive to achieve or surpass original OEM specifications in all repairs.
  • Offer on-site and off-site motor rewinding services with various insulation options to meet electrical performance and longevity requirements.
  • Capable of reverse engineering original winding designs if unavailable.
  • Provide insulation options that suit new environments or extend maintenance intervals for motors.

Skilled in comprehensive overhauling of AC/DC motors to restore original performance and efficiency or enhance it.

  • Utilize reverse engineering capabilities to provide solutions for legacy, obsolete, or custom motors without original design documents.
  • Offer fabrication of parts that are unavailable or difficult to obtain, saving time and cost.
  • Capable of remanufacturing decommissioned motors.