Oil and Gas

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Oil and Gas

RL Electric has been a trusted rotating equipment service partner to the oil and gas industry. They have grown their operations to become the largest independent rotating equipment service partner in the region, offering an extensive portfolio of field and workshop services. Their intimate knowledge of the operations, environmental conditions, and rotating equipment used in the oil and gas industry allows them to offer optimal services and tailored solutions to clients in the industry. The exceptional service quality and rapid turnaround have made them a trusted OEM alternative for oil and gas companies for their upstream, mid-stream, and downstream operations.

Services to the Oil and Gas Industry Include (but are not limited to):

  • RL Electric offers both short-term and long-term maintenance contracts to oil and gas companies.
  • RL Electric provides a broad array of field services to oil and gas clients using mobile workshops and comprehensive testing capabilities.
  • Their services include on-site rewinding of generators and motors, on-site repairs, removal/dismantling and installation, welding, fabrication, and machining.
  • Their expertise in repairing mission-critical motors driving the flow of liquid mediums for upstream operations and pumps in the refineries (downstream phase) allows them to drastically reduce downtime by eliminating the need to transport the equipment to and from the workshop whenever possible.
  • Some repair jobs cannot be undertaken on-site, and the equipment has to be removed to the workshop.
  • RL Electric is capable of complete mechanical and electrical repairs and overhauls of a variety of rotating equipment, including motors, pumps, generators, fans, gearboxes, and Eddy current brakes.
  • RL Electric provides careful planning and support for off-shore emergencies and shutdowns due to logistical limitations and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Their knowledge of the industry, state-of-the-art support equipment, and rapid mobilization ability allows them to provide timely support to clients.
  • They also offer planned shutdown services and help clients achieve their performance/maintenance goals within the allotted time.
  • RL Electric’s on-site and off-site services are augmented and supported by their comprehensive testing abilities.