Electric Motors & Generators Repair

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Electric Motors & Generators Repair

RL Electric operates a cutting-edge workshop facility, fully equipped to handle a wide range of electric motor and generator repairs. Our team consists of certified technicians and experienced engineers who specialize in repairing electric motors and generators used in various industries. We have the capability to repair both small motors (low voltage) with fractional horsepower and medium voltage motors up to 4,160 V. Our expertise covers synchronous and asynchronous motors commonly found in different sectors.

Our electric motor repair services of motors, including:


  • AC Motors (Induction and synchronous)
  • DC Motors (Permanent magnet, series, and shunt)

In addition to repairing standard makes and models with readily available OEM manuals and designs, we possess extensive experience in repairing obsolete and custom motors that lack complete design documents. Through reverse engineering, we can reconstruct the mechanical and electrical designs to ensure that the repaired motor performs as closely as possible to the original specifications.